Posted by: Terry | April 16, 2014

Bikes due into port next week.

Not long now. The last time Kenny and myself saw our bikes was on the 17th March when they were dropped into BMW for servicing and packing. They have spent the past 4 1/2 weeks making their way across the Pacific Ocean and are due to make it into Los Angeles on ANZAC day (25th April). This has been their accommodation during this time.

CapCorrientesHamburgSuedKleinI have had contact from a number of people in the US and Canada in the past few weeks who have seen our trip map and have offered advise for various parts of the trip which has been fantastic. It is all feeling very surreal at the moment that we will be actually heading to the US soon. Thanks again for everyone’s support. We need to make a difference.

Posted by: Terry | April 10, 2014

Remembering Lou

It has definitely been a year of many ups and downs. Lou always knew how to organise people, plan an event and make sure it went of without a hitch.Over the past 11 months I have had to come to grips to life without Lou, it was a challenge, we had shared our lives for 14 years also with many ups and downs. Both literally and figuratively,  Lou and I traveled many roller-coasters together. But what helped me get through the tough times and take over the organising of Lou’s biggest challenge (her fund), has been the constant support of my many friends who have been there both when I needed them and at the times when I didn’t realise I needed them even though they could see I was down. I am going to share some of the messages that we sent to me in the period after losing Lou that really meant a lot to me. I won’t mention names, but I am sure some of you will recognise your messages.

Thank you all.

At the beginning a small light appeared….in a short time that light burned bright….fiercely…. intensely. But before time had a chance to dim that light, before age turned the light into a faded pale golden glow of old age…the light disappeared to the heavens to shine forever bright. To inspire others. To show the way. Sadly some of us were touched only briefly and there were some that felt the warm glow for slightly longer but none of us as much as one. For that one…Terry…this light burned the brightest, with hope, love, generosity compassion and sincerity. RIP Lou, may your light always burn bright in those who pass time until they reunite once more with you. Terry Heard my thoughts are with you.xx


Terry, all my love to you, Lou’s family and of course your precious furbabies. You are all in my thoughts and I’m still here for any support or help you may need. xoxoxo


Lou Quinn .. Loved By everyone. Truly Inspirational person. See you over the rainbow bridge sometime.


Lou Quinn, you were an angel on earth, now you are an angel above. I remember you always said something nice to me every time we spoke. You always had nice things to say about everybody, but in fact you were the most beautiful soul of all.


Lou was something special – I have never known anyone to be so loved, so adored and so wacky all in one – we and especially you and Maggie were lucky to have someone like that. xxx


I finally a poem that was written for Lou one day before she passed away. This is something that I will always hold dear and I have to thank Emma Bruty for putting Lou’s life into such beautiful words.

The Protector

Dedicated to Lou Quinn

Although we’ve only crossed paths of late
Via Facebook and online
It’s been wonderful to get to know you
Better than in primary school time

Always a friendly and caring girl
I’m not surprised at all
That your life became a mission
To support those who’d taken a fall

Precious animals in need of rescue
You and Terry came to their aid
But humans, too – you gave them support
Never expecting to be repaid

You’ve protected the lost and the lonely
Those on whom others gave up
Never lacking love for those in need
Yours is an overflowing cup

I wish we could protect YOU
Your partner, your family, your friends
Does this heinous disease even care what it does?
Bringing the best of us to these bitter ends?

If only we could, we would heal you
But your spirit’s stronger than any disease
Your presence has imbued us with so much joy
We’re all blessed to have known you, Louise

Wherever you go on this journey
We are with you – whether near or afar
Rest easy now, as you deserve to do
I’ll think of you when I see the Dog Star. *

*The brightest star in the sky – in Canis Major



Posted by: Terry | April 9, 2014

One month to go – so hard to believe.

It is one month today until Kenny and I head to the US in preparation for Lou’s ride beginning on the 13th May. It is all coming up very quickly and I thank everyone for your support over the past 11 months. It is hard to believe that we are coming up on 1 year since we lost Lou. There are quite a few events coming up over the next couple of months with the assistance of others who have come on board to help raise funds. We are currently up to around $16,500 and are hoping to reach $20,000 by the time we get to May 13th (Lou’s anniversary). Also with World Ovarian Cancer day coming up on May 8th, hopefully with everyone’s help, we can make many others aware of how little is known about Ovarian Cancer.

Lou would have hated that we are making so much of a fuss about her, she was never one to put herself in the spotlight. Her wish was to raise funds for research so that no others would have to be taken to suddenly, so we have taken on her wishes in earnest and hopefully in her memory we can create something wonderful.


Posted by: Terry | March 30, 2014

Queenstown – Video Footage

During the Tasmania trip we got to ride on some magnificent roads. Here is the footage I took from my helmet cam on the descent into Queenstown. What a fantastic day this was. I pull in to Queenstown with a few of the other riders including Charley.

Posted by: Terry | March 28, 2014

Art Exhibition – Cliff Adeney – At Waters Edge

Cliff is a friend of Maggie (Lou’s Mum) and will be exhibiting some of his art. Kindly, he will be donating a percentage of all sales to the Lou Quinn Ovarian Cancer Fund. Once again someone unexpected has come forward to support us in our efforts of helping The Royal Women’s in trying to find a better way of treating Ovarian Cancer and hopefully preventing  others from being taken by it.

Lowtide - Cliff Adeney

Cliff Adeney – Watercolour & Gouache paintings.

“at waters edge…”

“Water is the essence of life, and is the thread linking these paintings. Be it a painting of birds on a lake, people strolling at the seashore, a solitary fisherman, low tide in a Cornish harbour, or reflections in a bird bath.

I love being on the coast, fishing in a mountain stream, or watching birds at water’s edge. My thoughts run free, unburdened by daily dramas.

There is no hidden message in these works. Simply put, their creation has given me great pleasure. I hope you will share that pleasure too.”

Venue: Steps Gallery, 62 Lygon St Carlton (between Victoria and Queensbury Sts)

Opening: Thursday 24th April – 6pm to 9pm

Exhibition run: Friday 25th to Tuesday 29th April – 11am to 4pm

Contact Cliff: 0417 136 942 or email:

Link to event: Only Melbourne Website


Posted by: Terry | March 21, 2014

No turning back now

Our bikes are now with the shipping company and will spend the next few weeks making their way through the customs regulations and getting to the US. They will arrive in the US about a week before we do. Our flights are also now booked. We fly out of Melbourne on the 9th May and as per crossing the international date line, arrive at an earlier time than when we left. We will then have 4 days in LA to ensure the bikes are in order and get everything packed onto them and then to get used to being on the other side of the road. Thanks to Josh from for all his assistance over the last week as well as Bennett from Southbank BMW, you have both made life easy.

Posted by: Terry | March 17, 2014

Route for our US/Canada Adventure

Now that we are getting a whole lot closer to heading off, I thought I would re-post the map route for everyone to see to get an idea on where we will be going. We already have one small day trip to make off the route below. This will be to visit Gary (Captain America) who I enjoyed riding with during my trip with Charley Boorman and Billy Ward over the past couple of weeks. As per the Tasmania trip the I did with Compass Expeditions, I will be blogging our travels around the US as well.

Wall Map

Posted by: Terry | March 17, 2014

Bikes in for service and packing

I have dropped our bikes down to Southbank BMW for their service and crating ready for them to be shipped to the US. It is all getting very real now.


Posted by: Terry | March 9, 2014

Vic/NSW – Batemans Bay to Coogee Beach – Day 10

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for following my blog of the trip around Tasmania and through the Victorian and NSW high countries. I used this trip as a trial run for my upcoming trip to the US and Canada that will begin in May. My trip later this year will entail 11 weeks and 17,000 kilometers and it is all in aid of raising both funds and awareness for Ovarian Cancer research as I lost my partner (Lou) of 14 years last year at just the age of 33. I would be extremely grateful if you would like to place a donation towards Lou’s Fund. Please follow this link Lou Quinn Ovarian Cancer Fund. All funds raised go towards Ovarian Cancer research. I am funding my own trip to the US.

WOW!!! What an adventure this has been. New places, new friends and lots of laughs had every day. We started the day bright and early this morning with a 7am breakfast call from Jerry.


We started the morning with overcast skies and the threat of rain after some pretty heavy falls had come down overnight, we got some light mist on our visors as we headed off, but the further north we drove the finer the skies became and once agsain we were awarded with some magnificent views



As we continued along the coast the weather just continued to get better. We have extremely blessed all trip only having one morning of rain in 10 days. We made it to Stanwell Park for our lunch break where at the lookout where can see out over the Seacliff Bridge, there was a large gathering of bikes.



We were then also treated to the sight of a para-glider taking off from the lookout.


We finally finished up  from our lunch break and made our way through the Royal National Park into Sydney. Our GPS’s had the last word sending us all in various directions to get to the Hotel, but they did all work and we did all make it. Garmin did give us support with updates and patches a couple of days ago which did fix the issues we had been having.

Once we arrived at the hotel we were awarded with some stunning views over Coogee.


We all then gathered initially in the bar downstairs from some celebratory drinks for making it to Sydney relatively all in one piece.

To finish the trip, we all headed out to a fantastic cafe called Deus Ex Machina which comes from the Latin “God from the Machine”, this is a cafe dedicated to building custom motorcycles, clothing and surf gear.



Finally I would like to thank Charley Boorman, Billy Ward and Jerry and the rest of the crew from Compass Expeditions for hosting us on this wonderful trip. We have all made some amazing friends. Hope to see you all again very soon.

Posted by: Terry | March 8, 2014

Vic/NSW Day 3 – Jindabyne to Batemans Bay

Second last day of one of the best trips most of us on tour have had and we woke up to a beautiful sunrise after the threatening storms of the night before.



After a scrambled eggs and bacon breakfast, we all headed off to prepare for the day ahead of heading down through the mountains towards the NSW coastline.


We had heard that there was going to be a gathering of another motorcycle group in town, so we thought we would drop by for a quick hello. They were all rather thrilled to get a visit from Charley.


We were soon on our way out of Jindabyne though and making our way across southern NSW, crossing the Snowy River and our onto the plains.



And as you can see from the photos we were once again blessed with glorious weather. We eventually made it down through Bega and made our way out to the coast at Tathra, a quaint little town with some magnificent views.


A few riders headed down to the wharf for a coffee here while other decided to head the 20 or so minutes up the road to our lunch break in Bermagui. In Bermagui we headed down to the waterfront to have fish and chips for lunch, kick back for a bit and get some laughs from a uniquely named boat that was in port.




After lunch we had a relatively short 98km run up to Batemans Bay for our nights accommodation. It had turned out to be a surprisingly warm day and as such, some drinks were required once we made it in for the night.


Last day tomorrow for the run into Sydney. It will be both a happy and sad day, but we will all end the trip knowing we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the company we have shared. See you all tomorrow night.

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